Hi! I’m Daytona Mess :)

aka Anne-Dauphine Borione irl, but pls call me Ando!!

Bonjour! My cat is named Muse because of the band, my most listened to song of all time on Spotify is In My Head by Lauren Sanderson, Cyberpunk 2077 is my favourite game of all time (yes I’m basic like that), I have a tattoo of Cirilla from the Witcher saga, I drink LITERS of coffee, I listen to A LOT of womxn lead pop and lofi, living in NYC and LA is my penultimate dream, I read Glyphs 3 tutorials to relax before bedtime, I love letters more than anything in the universe. And I’m studying at TypeMedia in Den Haag. Type design, music, and video games are my biggest passions, and I’m exceptionally glad to meet you :)

Come discuss letterforms w me!